Communication after the meeting of the Social Committee of the Council of Ministers

During the meeting, on 13 December this year, the Social Committee of the Council of Ministers addressed the project of assumptions concerning free medicines for pregnant women and the development of social economy.

Free medicines for pregnant women

The introduction of the new rules will allow future mothers to have free access to medicines (reimbursed) for the treatment of pregnancy-related conditions. The assumptions of the draft programme were presented during the Committee meeting by Deputy Minister of Health Józefa Szczurek-Żelazko.

The programme will be available for every pregnant woman from the moment of pregnancy confirmation by a gynaecologist until childbirth. Prescriptions with a special code C for medicines covered by the programme will be issued by gynaecologists with a contract with the NFZ, primary healthcare physicians and possibly physicians of other specialisations, e.g. diabetologists.

Pregnancy is a condition that requires medicines to be ordered under special supervision. If there are no concomitant conditions, the use of medicines should be limited to the minimum necessary.

Development of social economy

Changes in the National Programme of Social Economy Development (KPRES) are to give a new dimension to public policy said Elżbieta Rafalska, the Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy during the Committee meeting.

It was assumed that by 2023 the number of people who take up employment after the end of participation in reintegration units (e.g. workshops of occupational therapy, vocational activity enterprises) will increase by 40%. Additionally, the membership of young people in social economy entities (PES, e.g. non-governmental organisations, labour cooperatives) and solidarity entities (inter alia social cooperatives) will increase by 50 thousand. In addition, 75,000 new jobs will be created in PES.

The Social Committee of the Council of Ministers, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Beata Szydło, gave a positive opinion on both the draft assumptions concerning free medicines for pregnant women and changes in the KPRES.

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