Children will not be taken away from poor families

Children will not be taken away from parents because of the family’s difficult economic situation – that is the decision taken by the government when it adopted the amendment to the Family and Guardianship Code.

Photo: Fotolia

The regulation prepared by the minister of justice delivers on the promise made by Prime Minister Beata Szydło in the exposé, in which she indicated that supporting the family and ensuring safe functioning of it is one of the government’s priorities.

In practice, the new solutions are aimed at preventing hasty decisions to take children away from parents and place them in a foster family or an educational care facility. 

As a rule, entrusting children to others (e.g. foster family, educational care facility) will be a last resort used by a guardianship court. Earlier, it has to do everything to restore the correct functioning of the family by other means, because the family is the natural environment for child’s development. At the same time, separating parents from children only because of poverty –  against parents’ will – will not be possible. The point is to help families which have financial problems, rather than take children away from them.