Changes in the 2015-2016 academic year Students, see what you can expect at your universities!

Funding of foreign studies, higher scholarships, more apprenticeship and internship programmes and crèches at universities. See what other changes students can expect in the 2015-2016 academic year.

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Practical skills and competence

Today Polish universities focus not only on specialist knowledge, but also on getting their students prepared to enter the labour market. The Competence Development Programme is being launched with the new year. Through workshops and meetings with professionals, students will be able to develop their social competence, including group work, leadership and creative thinking.

It is worth taking care of your practical experience already at the university. Another edition of the “You study? Take internships!” programme has been prepared for future specialists. Thanks to the cooperation between universities and employers, young people will join the personnel of the best companies. Foreign internships are also part of the project. Students will receive scholarships while universities will cover the potential accommodation, transport and insurance costs.

In the new year there will also be more internship positions in the government administration.

Study abroad

For those who wish to pursue their scientific passions abroad we have two projects:

The “Studies for the Outstanding” governmental programme: 100 best Polish students will be able to start studying abroad every years at the world’s best universities. The government will cover the full cost of the studies. The first edition’s budget amounts to PLN 18.5 million.
The Erasmus+ programme: in the new year scholarships received by participants in the exchange programme will not be taxed.

Easier access to scholarships and student loans

Financially disadvantaged students may apply for a maintenance grant or a preferential loan. The earnings threshold for receiving the grant has been raised from the new year. Since 1 October, the income threshold will be PLN 668.2 per person in a family.

The changes also apply to loans. For the first time, university and PhD students will be able to select one of two ways in which installments will be paid out to them every month: PLN 600 in the basic option and PLN 800 in the increased option.

What to do after university

The monitoring of university graduates’ future starts from the new year. First results can be expected as soon as the spring of 2016. The report will help students answer the question what subjects are worth studying and enable universities to adapt their offer to the labour market requirements.

Support for the future

It is difficult to balance studying and family life. In order to change that, the government in 2015 launched the “Kid at University” programme. The programme has made it possible to create crèches and children’s clubs at 43 Polish universities.

Today students and academics can easily combine education and scientific careers with brining up children.

The government has assigned PLN 9.2 million to the Kid at University project.

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