Chancellery of the Prime Minister: Prime Minister meets with the children from the Polish diaspora

“You are in your home country, despite hailing from different parts of the world,” said the head of the government during his meeting with children from Belarus, Lithuania and Ukraine. The children toured the Chancellery of the Prime Minister building and took part in artistic workshops. In addition, with the school year starting soon, the Prime Minister gifted them school supplies.

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Photo: Adam Guz / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

The head of the government began the meeting by making a reference to Polish history, to the time when Poland’s borders were altered: “the tides of history had your great-grandparents displaced in distant lands where they faced hard conditions”. He went on to emphasize that despite the changes that took place over the years “Poland remains their home”.

“I know that you carry the longing for Poland within your hearts, but wherever you may find yourselves, be it Lithuania, Ukraine or Belarus, I am convinced of your ability to create good Polish homes there, cultivating Polish traditions and customs, as well as of your deep attachment to Polish culture,” continued the Prime Minister.

He expressed hope that the children would visit more frequently to further strengthen their connection with Poland: “Some of you may want to come here to study, and some of you may then wish to stay. I hope that we will have more opportunities to visit you as well. I am very happy to have you here with us.”

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