Beata Szydło: the European Union needs unity

If the European Union split, there would be no prospects for it to address its challenges, said Prime Minister Beata Szydło following the two-day summit of the European Council in Brussels.

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Photo: Chancellery of the Prime Minister

Many various issues have been arising for a long time, and the process of their resolution is more or less efficient. Some of these issues have been already agreed upon, but there are some important challenges, e.g. the migration crisis, the Posting Directive or certain current problems, requiring reflection and consensus, said Prime Minister Beata Szydło.

The Polish Prime Minister pointed to the reform of the European Union as a part of a broader plan. She underlined that Poland had already proposed a long time ago, as the firs EU state, that the Community should undertake reforms necessary to maintain unity and to cope with current and future challenges. Reforms are crucial for the Community to let it expand, develop and be a competitive and sustainable partner, focusing on the issues of its citizens, she stated.

A roadmap was proposed during the talks, defining the way we will work in the following months and the main focuses for the summits of the European Council. A new method was also suggested, on the basis of which the Council will take decisions upon ‘decision notes’. We will see if it works, stated the Prime Minister. She also underlined that the most important issue for Poland is that the European Union should comply with these declarations concerning the development of the European Unity, adopted by the Council in Bratislava and Rome.

Compromise on posted workers

The Prime Minister stated that it is possible to reach a consensus on posted workers and underlined that Poland had adopted a common position on this issue along with the Visegrád Group.

Poland has agreed to a far-reaching compromise concerning posted workers. We proposed good solutions that are acceptable by Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other Member States. Only France decided to present its very rigid position. However, working negotiations are still ongoing, she stated.

Brexit negotiations

We made progress concerning workers and EU citizens living in the United Kingdom. This is a good information. However, there is no progress regarding financial issues – there is a deadlock situation. We should wait for another proposal of Prime Minister Theresa May. We should discuss it if it proves to be good, concluded the Prime Minister.

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