Another international agreement of the creators of GovTech in Europe was signed in Vienna

Behind the scenes of the Govtech Pioneers conference, representatives of GovTech Polska signed an agreement that will create basis for a single European ecosystem in support of innovation. It aims at strengthening the partnership based on sharing knowledge, common values and the common objective of introducing a digital revolution to the public sector.

GovTech Polska is a team operating under the auspices of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. During the 12 months of its work, it conducted over a thousand hours of consultations with Polish business, entrepreneurs, scientists and other creative entities in order to develop, together with the Public Procurement Office, a globally pioneering model of acquiring technologies in the public sector.

In developing the programme, we wanted every company interested in the implementation of a technological project for the state to be able to contact us. Without deposits or additional criteria that restrict access to contracts for smaller and medium sized entities said Justyna Orłowska, Head of the GovTech Polska Programme, who signed the agreement. For us, the most important thing is the idea for the implementation of a given project and the competences that allow for its implementation. And it worked out she added.

Increasing the participation of SMEs, start-ups and technology innovators in public procurement more than 20 times, the approach has so far attracted interest of 20 countries interest. Today, Austria has joined the group of partners of GovTech Polska.

We look forward to expanding the cooperation. We believe that it will let us not only share the good practices, but also take actions aiming at integrating the existing solutions into a common innovation package open to entrepreneurs from across Europe said Stefan Maier, the Head of the PPPI Service Center, after signing the letter of intent.

The agreement with the Austrian Competence Centre for Innovative Procurement (PPPI Service Center) is the next contract entered into by GovTech Polska, following the Scottish CivTech agreement. It is an important step towards a single European ecosystem for innovation support. It will ensure an increase in the level of public services in both countries and will also contribute to the growth of a global govtech market, estimated at nearly half a trillion dollars.

The agreement confirmed the popularity of the Polish method of using competitions to involve citizens in shaping technology.

The pioneers of modern administration aim to promote opening of the public sector services market to small and medium-sized enterprises by means such as modernization of the public procurement process and relevant information exchange. For that reason, providing optimal conditions for digitalisation in administration by creating a uniform European ecosystem for innovation support is vital said Justyna Orłowska.

The conference coincided with the completion of the pilot competitions organised in line with the new public procurement formula designed by GovTech Polska. Nearly 300 individuals and companies from the IT sector applied for 5 contracts worth nearly PLN 2 million.

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