Act on the Social Dialogue Council has been signed

On Monday, the president signed the act on the Social Dialogue Council. The new regulations have been created in cooperation with employer organisations and trade unions with the Ministry of Labour. The Social Dialogue Council will replace the existing tripartite committee.

What the Social Dialogue Council will deal with

It will be a cooperation forum dealing with, among other things, the employment issue and socio-economic matters. Each of the parties participating in the Council will have equal rights.

Social partners will be able, among other things, to prepare draft versions of legal acts, as well as table motions to conduct a public hearing for ministers.

The operation of the new institution will be based on the principle of social solidarity.

Composition of the Social Dialogue Council

Each party will have its representatives in the Council, as is the case with the committee. Eight members will be designated by trade unions:

  • Ogólnopolskie Porozumienie Związków Zawodowych [All-Poland Alliance of Trade Unions];
  • Forum Związków Zawodowych [Trade Union Forum];
  • NSZZ "Solidarność".

Each of the following employer organisations will designate 6 perons:

  • Lewiatan Confederation,
  • Pracodawcy RP [Employers of the Republic of Poland],
  • Business Centre Club,
  • Związek Rzemiosła Polskiego [Polish Craft Association].

The head of the government will also designate ministers who will participate in the Council. All members will be appointed by the president.

The representatives of the following persons will be allowed to participate in the Council’s work in the advisory role:

  • the president,
  • governor of the National Bank of Poland,
  • president of the Central Statistical Office.  

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