25th anniversary of the resumption of Polish-Israeli diplomatic relations

On 27 February 1990, the ministers of foreign affairs of Poland and Israel signed a protocol resuming the diplomatic relations. “Our countries are connected by an absolutely unique bond. The Polish territory for years was the homeland of the Jewish nation and gave it the opportunity to develop its culture, religiousness, as well as political and economic thought” - Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz said during a ceremony to celebrate the 67th anniversary of the Independence Day of the State of Israel and 25th anniversary of the resumption of the Polish-Israeli diplomatic relations.

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Photo: M. Śmiarowski / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

Active cooperation and memory about shared history

The head of the government said during the ceremonies in Warsaw that the occupation and Holocaust perpetrated by German Nazis disrupted the one-thousand-year-old symbiosis of the history between the nations. Not until 1989, in a sovereign state of law, could we fight for restoration of the Polish relations with the State of Israel - she said.

The prime minister pointed out that immediately after the resumption of the diplomatic relations between the countries cooperation of Polish and Israeli services started as part of BRIDGE operation, i.e. safe transit through Poland of a few dozen thousand Jewish migrants from the Soviet Union to Israel. 

The reestablishment of diplomatic relations led to the resumption of political, military, economic, cultural, and most importantly, bilateral contact between people.

One of the subsequent, significant elements of this transformation was, among other things, the recently-opened Museum of the History of Polish Jews POLIN. Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum and Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation have been for years the repository of memories about the Holocaust. Today also POLIN Museum embraces with its arms one thousand years of the history of Polish Jews - the head of the government said.

Good quarter of a century

Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz expressed satisfaction with the fact that so much has been achieved in the Polish-Israeli relations for the last 25 years.

Thanking, among other things, for the support of Władysław Bartoszewski, a member of the legendary Council to Aid Jews Żegota, Righteous Among the Nations, and for nearly a quarter of a century a honorary citizen of the State of Israel, she expressed conviction that thanks to work and involvement of such people, trust and friendship were born in the bilateral relations again.

I observe with great friendliness that more and more citizens of the State of Israel come to Poland. We strengthen this new joint order in which mistrust has been replaced with openness, hostility with cooperation, and misunderstanding with dialogue - Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz said.

25 years of Polish-Israeli diplomatic relations

Poland was one of the first countries to have recognised Israel’s declaration of independence of May 1948. At that time, we established full diplomatic relations with the newly-created State of Israel. As was the case with the other countries controlled by the Soviet Union, in 1967 the bilateral cooperation with Israel was discontinued. On 27 February 1990, Foreign Ministers Krzysztof Skubiszewski and Moshe Arens signed in the presence of first non-communist Prime Minister Tadeusz Mazowiecki, a protocol to resume the diplomatic relations.

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